Sunday, May 20, 2012

Meeting with the Devil at the Crossroads Updates

Since I can no longer edit the manuscript regarding mentions of the legendary alleged meeting at the crossroads with the devil motif in popular culture, I will be posting the ones I find here.

In Kevin Hearne's Hammered (the Iron Druid Chronicles, Del Rey, 2011), Jesus has come for a visit and when walking to the nearby coffee shop he and our series hero, Atticus O'Sullivan, spot a busker.

We passed an extraordinarily sunburned man in wrap-around sunglasses busking with his guitar. He was strumming 'They're Red Hot" -- an old blues tune about hot tamales -- and singing the infectious lyrics in a gravely voice. His open guitar case rested on a planter beside him, and Jesus wagged his head back and forth a little bit and got his shoulders into it too. "What a delightful riff," he said. "Do you know who wrote this song?"

"I believe it's by Robert Johnson, a Mississippi Delta blues man."

"Truly?" The Christian god stopped dancing and looked at me. "The same one who went down to the crossroads?"

"The very same."

He laughed and continued walking north, shaking his head. "My adversary is thumbing is nose at me, I think. It is enjoyable, though, to be surprised like that...." (111)