Thursday, February 10, 2011

Truth Seeker by C. E. Murphy

I am always delighted to find several of my divergent research topics together in one novel. I have just finished reading the first volume in the two volume storyline by C. E. Murphy. I thoroughly engaged with the story line and the characters and enjoyed the mentions of the contemporary legend of the scuba diver in the tree and the ballad of Tam Lin. Now I have to await patiently (not my strong suit) for the conclusion of the story in Wayfinder (coming soon).

The contemporary legend:
"Where did you come from? A pool full of water fell out of the sky, and then you did. I didn't see a -- an airplane?" She looked skyward, and Lara did, too, remembering urban legends she'd read about scuba divers found in the middle of forest fires, dropped there by helicopters scooping seawater to battle the fires with. She wished she had a similar story to explain away her arrival. (page 153)

The ballad:
"In fairy tales if the fair folk stay in our world it's usually because they're trapped somehow and aren't strong enough to get away. Like Tam Lin except in reverse."
"And it was mortal love that saved Tam Lin when he rode back into this world with the queen's host," Ioan said. Lara looked between them, bewildered, through Kelly's expression said she knew the story. "Had Janet come to Annwn to rescue him, she never would have been able to free him. We're weakened by this world," Ioan said again... (286)